Naturel Sour Dough Dry Bread

The Free from G sour dough dry bread has been produced using an authentic sour dough starter culture. The dry bread has a high nutritional value and contains both vitamin D and iodine. The delicious crunchy Free from G sour dough dry breads are an excellent party nibble enjoyed with a dip or stuffed. The sour dough dry bread has a shelf life of approximately one year from manufacture.

Product Information

Nutritional values / 100 g
Energy 1194 kJ/285 kcal
Total fat
Saturated fat
3,4 g
1,1 g
Total sugars
60,8 g 
2,3 g
Fibre 6,0 g
Protein 14,6 g
Salt 2,2 g
Vitamin D ( 39 %*) 3,9 µg 
Iodine ( 37 %*) 55 µg
* Reference value for daily intake  
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